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"Tour de Force" Honors 9/11 Victims, Fallen Officers

AMHERST, NY - This September 11th more than 200 police officers from across the country and overseas will embark on a four day, 265-mile bike ride from the Pentagon to Ground Zero.

The 9th annual "Tour de Force" is a way to honor all of the victims of 9/11 and raise money for the families of fallen officers.

Lt. Amy Pedlow and Officer Dale Hohl of the University at Buffalo police department will participate.  The pair raised $5,000 their first year, $7,000 last year, and this year their goal is $10,000.

Joining them will be officers from all over the US, Canada, and even Great Britain and Ireland.

It's a journey that takes its toll physically and emotionally and one that comes with a goal of much more than just crossing the finish line.

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Kenmore Avenue Restoration Planned

BUFFALO, NY-- Plans to improve Kenmore Avenue will be discussed on Thursday, August 19th in Buffalo City Hall.  Officials from the City of Buffalo, Erie County, Town of Tonawanda, Amherst and Kenmore will take part.

Representatives from each municipality's planning, engineering and highway departments will offer input on the design development for the improvement of 1.3 miles of Kenmore Avenue between Main Street and Starin Avenue.

The goal of the project is to improve the roadway to increase safety for drivers and walkers.  Since this stretch of road is a mix of residential and commercial zoning, the goal is to improve traffic flow as well as the aesthetic look of the roadway, while making it more "pedestrian friendly".

A public meeting will be held at a future date to update the community and get feedback.

Massive Tuition Increase for UB Law Students

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WGRZ) -- Days before the fall semester begins, students at the University at Buffalo Law School are learning their tuition is going up.

Read the letter UB sent to its law students

SUNY's (State University of New York) Board of Trustees has adopted a resolution to increase professional school tuition rates, starting in the Fall 2010 semester.  Yearly tuition will increase by nine percent for in-state students, 20% for out of state students.   

Buffalo Area Church Group Witnesses Ohio Plane Crash

TOLEDO, OH -- A ferry boat crew member in Ohio says he helped pull four people to safety after their plane landed on Lake Erie.

Jake Market says the only injury among the four appeared to be scratches on one woman's leg.

A church group on retreat from the Chapel at Crosspointe in Getzville witnessed the crash and then videotaped the dramatic sinking of the plane and rescue of the passengers.

The Cessna 210 single engine plane was approaching a small airfield Friday on South Bass Island, about midway between Toledo and Cleveland. Witnesses say it skipped across the water, coming to rest about 100 yards from a boat dock near the island.

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Amherst Man Sues Erie County Water Authority For $4 Million

Amherst, N.Y. - Jake Gruber says for the past five years, all he was looking for was an apology.

An apology from the Erie County Water Authority for causing a leak in the water connection to his home in Amherst when workers came out to fix his meter.

Instead, the Water Authority continued to charge him for the leaking water, a bill that eventually grew to over $3,000.

After two years, when Gruber refused to pay for the Authority's mistake, the Authority shut off service to his family. At the time, his kids were four, five and seven years old.

"They sent our family back to the third world. There were pots, pans, diapers all over the house without water. This is something you'd never to do anybody. How could they do that to a family with three little kids at the time," said Gruber.

Ways 2 Save: Erie County Fair

HAMBURG, N.Y. - The Erie County Fair opens Wednesday afternoon and it is Channel 2 Day. That means, $2 for parking, $2 for tickets and $2 for midway rides.

In some cases you can save up to three bucks beforehand, by buying pre-sale tickets at Tops.

Getting to the fair can actually be pretty inexpensive. On certain days there's a free shuttle.

"On Saturdays and Sundays you can park at Erie Community College South on Southwestern Boulevard and they'll drive you, drop you off right at gate one," said Holly Smyczynski, Marketing Coordinator at the Erie County Fair.

And with that we started our journey to savings.

We first found some ride deals.

"Every weekday, Wednesday through Friday and next Monday through Friday we have one price ride days," said Smyczynski.

A ride pass for those days is only $20 with a Tops register receipt, a $5 savings.

Celebrate Local Heroes - Building Homes For Heroes

My name is Stacey Benson and I am currently helping to bring awareness to the 
Western New York area about Building Homes for Heroes, which is a NY state 
based organization and 501(c)(3).

I am a military wife of 8 years and this organization really hits home with 
me.  As my husband served his time over seas during the war, I was constantly 
afraid of "getting the call" or the dreaded "knock at the door" giving me bad 
news of injuries or even worse death.  One organization is doing everything 
in their power to help those who have returned from war severely wounded and 
that organization is Building Homes for Heroes.

Building Homes for Heroes is currently raising money to build a war hero, 
Army Specialist Brendan Marrocco of Staten Island, NY, a new home suitable for 
his massive injuries, with an estimated building cost of $500,000.