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Celebrate Local Heroes - Building Homes For Heroes

My name is Stacey Benson and I am currently helping to bring awareness to the 
Western New York area about Building Homes for Heroes, which is a NY state 
based organization and 501(c)(3).

I am a military wife of 8 years and this organization really hits home with 
me.  As my husband served his time over seas during the war, I was constantly 
afraid of "getting the call" or the dreaded "knock at the door" giving me bad 
news of injuries or even worse death.  One organization is doing everything 
in their power to help those who have returned from war severely wounded and 
that organization is Building Homes for Heroes.

Building Homes for Heroes is currently raising money to build a war hero, 
Army Specialist Brendan Marrocco of Staten Island, NY, a new home suitable for 
his massive injuries, with an estimated building cost of $500,000.

On Easter Sunday 2009, Marrocco was critically wounded when his vehicle 
tripped a roadside bomb.  The blast tore off both of Marrocco's arms and his 
left leg.  His right leg was mangled beyond saving.  His carotid artery was 
severed, his body badly burned, and vision in his left eye was severely 
damaged.  Brendan is the first soldier to lose all four limbs in combat in 
Iraq or Afghanistan.

We are holding an event on September 11, 2010, at the Transit Valley Country
Club in East Amherst, from 7 pm until 11 pm, for Army Specialist Brendan Marrocco and honoring many of our local active duty military here in the Buffalo area. By hosting this event for Specialist Marrocca, we are hoping to be able to help "our" local heroes within the next year.

During this event we will be raffling off many items, as well as hosting a 
silent auction, as one of the many way to raise money.  We are currently 
seeking larger items for our raffle and auction to raise enthusiasm for our 

Any donation will be a tax deduction for the upcoming 2010 year and you will 
receive a receipt for your donation.  Please find it in your heart to help 
with this event and help raise money for Army Specialist Brendan Marrocco.  
By doing this, you will also be helping to bring awareness of Building Homes 
for Heroes to WNY and next year "WE" will be able to help our local hometown 

Please make a donation today and help change the life of a War Hero. Thank 
you in advanced!!

P.S.  100% of all proceeds will assist Army Specialist Brendan Marrocco in 
building his new home.

Celebrate Our Heroes - Sit-Down Dinner, Dance, Open Bar, Raffle, Auction -

Cost's are as follows:

$80 per person
$750 for a ten top
$2000 for Coporate Sponsorship

Raffle Tickets are also available for purchase:

$2.00 a ticket
$5.00 for 3 tickets
$10.00 for 12 tickets

Please contact us if you would like to attend the event, or would like to purchase any raffle tickets or just make a donation.

Stacey A Benson
Military Wife & Supporter
Lockport, NY


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