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Helios NRG Selected to Develop Green Technology | Business

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Helios NRG Selected to Develop Green Technology

Helios-NRG, LLC has been awarded an SBIR grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop step-change technology that would produce renewable bio-fuels from algae.  This technology has the potential to create green jobs in Western New York, decrease the need for imported oil and reduce global warming.

The NSF grant will accelerate the development of a current Helios-NRG algae project.  The funding will allow Helios-NRG to potentially capture large quantities of carbon dioxide from industrial sources, such as power plants, and convert it through sunlight to useful bio-fuels.  The ultimate goal is to replace the petroleum that is currently being imported to the United States with the algae byproduct.  The algae can be produced on wasteland and can use waste from agricultural, municipal and industrial sources to grow.

“We are pleased to receive NSF support for this novel technology which has the potential to enable very high efficiency of renewable fuel production thus reducing the Nation’s dependence on imported oil. Especially exciting is its potential for simultaneous reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming, from large pollution sources such as coal fired power plants. We look forward to successful development of this technology through collaboration with such esteemed partners as ECD and EERC ” said Ravi Prasad, President of Helios-NRG, LLC.

“The Amherst Chamber of Commerce congratulates Helios-NRG on the awarding of this prestigious grant,” said Colleen DiPirro, President/CEO of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce.  “Any opportunity to create jobs in Western New York should be applauded.  Green jobs are the wave of the future and something to be fought after for the region.  The growth opportunities for these jobs are huge and will spur even more economic development in the area.”

ECD of Rochester Hills, MI and EERC of Grand Forks, ND will partner with Helios-NRG for the project.  ECD will demonstrate efficient production of high purity hydrogen from algae.  EERC will conduct an analysis of algal oil and how it relates to biodiesel production.  They will also assist with a study on capturing the carbon dioxide that result from burning fossil fuels.

Helios-NRG is a technology development and consulting company located within Amherst, NY.  They have been a member of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce since 2009.  Additional information about the company can be found through their website at www.heliosnrg.com.

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