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Five Key Tax Tips about Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax


If you are an employee, you usually will have taxes withheld from your pay. If you don’t have taxes withheld, or you don’t have enough tax withheld, then you may need to make estimated tax payments. If you are self-employed you normally have to pay your taxes this way. Here are five tips about making estimated taxes:

Rachel Chrostowski Joins WNY Land Conservancy as Community Engagement Director

Rachel Chrostowski Joins WNY Land Conservancy as Community Engagement Director


The Western New York Land Conservancy welcomed Rachel Chrostowski as the newest member of their staff on April 6, 2015. As community engagement director, Rachel will increase the public’s engagement with the Land Conservancy’s work. 

Rachel has a degree in geography and environmental studies from SUNY Geneseo; however, her education in earth science started at a much earlier age. She credits her geologist mother with her deep love of the natural environment, appreciation for open space and strong conservation values.

File on Time Even if You Can’t Pay


Do you owe more tax than you can afford to pay when you file? If so, don’t fail to take action. Make sure to file on time. That way you won’t have a penalty for filing late. Here is what to do if you can’t pay all your taxes by the due date.

·         File on time and pay as much as you can.  You should file on time to avoid a late filing penalty. Pay as much as you can with your tax return. The more you can pay on time, the less interest and late payment penalty charges you will owe.

Top Eight Tax Tips about Deducting Charitable Contributions


When you give a gift to charity that helps the lives of others in need. It may also help you at tax time. You may be able to claim the gift as a deduction that may lower your tax. Here are eight tax tips you should know about deducting your gifts to charity:

1. Qualified Charities.  You must donate to a qualified charity if you want to deduct the gift. You can’t deduct gifts to individuals, political organizations or candidates. To check the status of a charity, use the IRS Select Check tool.

2. Itemized Deduction.  To deduct your contributions, you must file Form 1040 and itemize deductions. File Schedule A, Itemized Deductions, with your federal tax return.

‘The Road is Open’ is the Latest Release From No Frills Buffalo

‘The Road is Open’ is the Latest Release From No Frills Buffalo


“The Road is Open,” a novel by local author Michael Burns Haggerty, is the latest book to be published by No Frills Buffalo publishing company.

The book takes place in 1978 when longtime friends Jimmy and Michael leave Buffalo to embark on a cross-country hitchhiking adventure to look for George, Michael’s brother, who mysteriously deserted his family years earlier. Along their journey the pair gains a vivid truth and a wisdom that only the road can provide. They encounter extraordinary landscapes and meet a series of remarkable characters that represent a truthful, gritty and heartwarming portrait of America.

Citizenship and Integration Grant Program Accepting Applications

Citizenship and Integration Grant Program Accepting Applications


United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began accepting applications for the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program for fiscal year 2015 on April 1, 2015. This program is a competitive grant funding opportunity for organizations that prepare permanent residents for naturalization and promote civic integration through increased knowledge of U.S. history, English and civics. The government has appropriated a total of $10 million to be distributed to 40 possible grant awardees, each of whom are eligible to receive a maximum grant award of $250,000 over two years.