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UB group crowdfunds solar home project

AMHERST, NY - A big fundraising effort in Buffalo was held to support what could be the home of the future.

This event at the 464 Gallery on Amherst Street Thursday night was held to raise money for a project being worked on by UB's School of Architecture and Planning. A group there is in a competition from the U.S. Agriculture Department to build a solar-powered house that produces twice as much energy as it consumes.

As of Thursday they had raised $26,000, a third of their goal.

Amherst Highway takes on pothole problem

AMHERST, N.Y.-- As some of the snow has started to melt, potholes have become a big problem in Western New York.

Streets all over the area have been put to the test with a long winter, a lot of snowfall and plenty of plowing and salting. This has left the roads damaged and towns trying to do what they can to patch things up in the prolonged cold weather.

WEB EXTRA: WNY's Worst Potholes Map

Amherst Interim Highway Superintendant Joe Speth says that while the weather is cold, towns like Amherst have been using a "cold patch". The cold patch is designed to repair holes deeper than one inch with no heating or mixing required.

The ultimate goal, Speth says, is to send out five to six crews once the weather warms to use a hot patch and to begin repaving roads.

Teen piano dynamos head to Carnegie Hall

AMHERST, N.Y.--Only students who receive the highest marks for the Royal Conservatory of Music get to travel to Carnegie Hall.

Three students of Mary Handley, of Amherst, have done just that. The three will be traveling to New York to perform at the Tri-State Certificate of Excellence Recital and Awards Ceremony at Carnegie Hall Sunday, March 1.

Each of them has been awarded the Tri-State Certificate of Excellence for Piano in their grade. This award is given annually by the Royal Conservatory of Music Development Program to the students in the Northeastern United States, who have gotten the highest marks in each grade's examination, and completed all necessary piano, theory, and music history requirements.

These students not only are piano prodigies. They attend high school classes, play other instruments, play sports, and are involved in many other activities besides music.

Heed the Advice of a Professional Before Saying ‘I Do’ to a Wedding Photographer

Heed the Advice of a Professional Before Saying ‘I Do’ to a Wedding Photographer


The late spring to early fall months are considered peak wedding season — and that season will be here before you know it. And with your big day comes a lot of big decisions, including the selection of a wedding photographer.

Elizabeth Snyder, owner of Elizabeth Snyder Photography, LLC, is a well-known local wedding photographer who has worked with countless Western New York couples to provide them with photographic memories that will last a lifetime. Today she would like to share some professional advice on finding a wedding photographer to meet your needs.

Plow driver hit by car

BUFFALO, NY-- Amherst Police are investigating a pedestrian accident involving a plow driver that was hit by a car.

The accident happened on North Forest Road just south of Sheridan Drive Tuesday morning.

Investigators say Steven W. Cannon, 27, of Williamsville, was travelling south on North Forest when a snowblower and gas can fell out of his truck. Cannon turned around and picked up his items, and was crossing the street back to his truck when he was hit by a car driven by Kathleen M. Kennedy, 64, of Williamsville.

Cannon was taken to ECMC by ambulance with a head wound. No charges have been filed.

Fire crews clean up diesel leak on Transit Road

AMHERST, N.Y.- Fire crews were busy in East Amherst Monday evening, cleaning up a diesel spill from a tractor-trailer on Transit Road.

Amherst Fire Dispatch said the truck was making a delivery to the Kohl's store on the 8500 block of Transit when ice pierced the saddle tank of the trailer.

About 100 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled before crews were able to clean it up and tow the truck away.

No fuel from the spill went into the sewers, according to fire dispatch.

Daemen’s Advanced OMPT Program Progresses to Master’s Degree

Daemen’s Advanced OMPT Program Progresses to Master’s Degree

Daemen College’s Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) Fellowship Program, the only post-professional offering of its kind in New York State, has received State Department of Education approval to now be offered as a master’s degree.

Adhering to the rigorous academic and clinical requirements already established for the fellowship credential, the master-level program will offer licensed, experienced physical therapists training to develop advanced psychomotor and analytical skills in manual physical therapy, a growing specialization in the field.

“Transitioning OMPT to a master’s degree puts Daemen at the forefront of physical therapy education nationally and will help expand the network of specialists in this growing health care discipline,” said Daemen President Gary A. Olson.