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Child Thanks Doctor In Unique And Touching Way | News

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Child Thanks Doctor In Unique And Touching Way

AMHERST, NY - Sometimes, when we are in dire straits, a doctor suddenly becomes the most important person in our lives.

Sometimes ... we forget to say thanks.

That was not the case, however, with a little boy, who never forgot the local doctor who came to his aid one day two years ago, and found a touching way to attempt to repay him...as only a child might do.

Dr Michael Dlugosz, a third year resident at UB Family Medicine, was standing outside of a local department store sipping on an Icee he had just bought in September 2011. He noticed an apprehensive mother with a little boy, who appeared to have difficulty breathing.

The boy, who is allergic to bees, had just been stung and Dlugosz, with the mother's assistance, administered an EpiPen the mother had in her purse.

Recently, Dr. Dlugosz received a letter from the boy.

It was simply signed "Mitchell, age 6 1/2, Grade 1", with no return address.

There were also five, $1 bills enclosed with the letter, which the boy explained that he had earned by saving cans and bottles for the past year.

Mitchell went on to say in his letter that he was sending the money to pay Dr Dlugosz back because he had learned that Dr Dlugosz threw his Icee to go save him, and he wanted buy him one to replace it.

"I've never received anything like it and I can probably say that I never will again," Dlugosz told WGRZ-TV. "The letter itself was better than anything he could given me and I'd love to give him that five dollars back because I know he worked so hard to get that...something like this really comes once in a lifetime and it really put meaning to what I do."

Click on the video player to watch this heart warming story from 2 on Your Side Reporter Dave McKinley and Photojournalists Bob Mancuso and Norm Fisher from Eden. Follow Dave on Twitter: @DaveMcKinley2


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