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Hochul Speaks About Backlog at Clerk's Office & Birth Control | News

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Hochul Speaks About Backlog at Clerk's Office & Birth Control

BUFFALO, NY-- For the past three days, 2 On Your Side has tried to get former Erie County Clerk and current Congresswoman Kathy Hochul to talk to us about the backlog of checks and paperwork at the Erie County Clerk's office.

The Congresswoman finally talked to 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing on the phone about the backlog.

2 On Your Side reported on Tuesday about the backlog of mail containing real estate documents that still need to be verified and returned to banks and homeowners.   There are also checks still in envelopes that need to be cashed.  Some have been sitting there so long, they've expired.

While some of the mail is dated before and after Hochul left to serve in Congress, once again, the current clerk Chris Jacobs says it all goes back to a system put in place by Hochul didn't work.

This is what Hochul had to say about it:
"Over a year ago, we realized that were acting in a 19th century fashion at the county clerk's office.  Other county clerks across the state had implemented new technology which really streamlined the system and making information on the documents available instantaneously by scanning on the front end.  We're always putting premium on getting the money out of the envelopes immediately, getting those records online available immediately and that was a new system we instituted.  Again, the training wasn't done when I left and I can't speak to what occurred at the time."

Watch 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing's report just minutes after Rep. Hochul landed in Buffalo. You will also hear her respond to the  the heat she (Hochul) is taking over President Obama's Health Care plan and birth control.

Last week, the Congresswoman came under intense scrutiny when upset Catholics challenged her on the President's mandate regarding birth control.

Hochul told Claudine, "I misspoke. I know full well that the Constitution is the foundation of all the laws. After an hour of being pressed very aggressively by some of my constituents, and they have a right to do so. They were asking where exactly in the Constitution this language is and I should have been more articulate  in saying that Article 1 of the Constitution gives the laws to Congress the ability to create the laws and Article 3 gives the Supreme Court the ability to determine the constitutionality. Had I said it like that I don't know if there would be such controversy. I'm not a Washington insider who speaks off of talking points. I hope they (my constituents) will excuse me for misspeaking."

Hochul is taking a lot of heat for her comments last week.  Hochul said she "respects religious freedom, I treasure it. As a Catholic, it's very important to me, but I think this has been an appropriate accommodation particularly since this has been the law in New York State since 2002. Our local institutions are already complying with it and I'll leave it at that."

When asked if she was in the bulls eye of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Hochul told Claudine, "I was in the bulls eye of that Committee just a few months ago in this election when I was the only race in the country. They don't take me off the game."




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