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Amherst Lawmakers Clarify Chicken Rules | News

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Amherst Lawmakers Clarify Chicken Rules

AMHERST, N.Y. -- Chickens ruled the roost, or at least some of the debate at Amherst Town Hall Tuesday night.

The town board approved a bill that defines guidelines for homeowners who want to raise chickens on their property.

See the legislation by clicking on the .pdf file to the left of this article

The chickens must be used for non-commercial purposes, homeowners have to get a special use permit, and are limited to no more than six of the animals.  They also have to keep the area the chickens live in clean and free from a strong odor.

"What this is doing is it's taking it to the next level to put some actual standards and conditions into the ordinance itself," said building inspector Thomas Ketchum.

This issue first surfaced last year when a resident, Karen Marks, was asked to remove a coop at her home.  Raising chickens at home has become popular in many areas, because of the eggs they provide.


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