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Amherst Residential Parking Zone Resolution | News

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Amherst Residential Parking Zone Resolution

AMHERST, NY - Parking on a few streets in Amherst is so limited, some homeowners say they can't even park in front of their own homes.

They say it's because customers who frequent businesses in their neighborhood are taking up all the available spaces. Tuesday night, Town Councilman Guy Marlette issued a resolution calling for a Residential Parking Resolution. He tells 2 On Your Side his resolution was voted on and approved unanimously.

The problem homeowners have is cars don't that belong in their neighborhoods are parked there literally for an entire day.

One of those streets includes Mona Drive. At one point Wednesday afternoon the street was virtually empty of parked cars. Marlette says there are "No Parking" signs that prohibit parking on one side of the street. Across the same street another sign limits the amount of time you can park there.

Marlette says for years now employees at a hospital just down the street would take up every parking space. Some homes on the street can accommodate just one vehicle, and often times some homeowners must park on the street. Sometimes several blocks away.

"We would like to allow some of these streets to have a parking area that's designated for residents only between the hours of say 7 to 6pm at night. Before that time, and after that time frame it would be open for anybody to park there. This would coincide with most business hours and I think it would provide relief to the residents that they need," said Marlette.

The Councilman says one of the complaints he's heard often has to do with when extra cars parked on the streets, large emergency vehicles often have a tough time turning on to these streets.

Several town leaders are now collecting input from the community to come up with the proper guidelines for the Residential Parking Zone. Marlette says they will present their findings to the Amherst Traffic Safety Board in October.


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