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Tea Party Coalition Calls for Republican Chairman to Resign | Politics

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Tea Party Coalition Calls for Republican Chairman to Resign
Tea Party Coalition Calls for Republican Chairman to Resign

A Statement by Allen Coniglio of the Tea Party Coalition of WNY

The defeated Corwin campaign and the disgraced Republican party will now begin to spin the loss of the special election in the 26th congressional district. They will certainly claim that they were defeated, not by anything that they have done, but by the actions of a “phony tea party group” that fielded a “liberal Democrat” as their candidate. This is the line and the lie that they have spun since the beginning of this campaign and unfortunately for them, enough people saw through it that they decided to send Jane Corwin and the Republicans a message. For those who do not yet understand, we the people do not want and will not support any candidate anointed by the usual three men in a back room with no input from anyone but those few party bosses. This race was lost by the Republicans because they arrogantly believed that they could once again get away with the same dirty and corrupt practices they have always employed and bypass the input and the will of the people in selecting a candidate. It is because of their actions and nothing else that this race was lost to them and by them.

There will be some who will say that this was a referendum on national politics and policies and this race will have portents for the 2012 congressional and presidential elections. Some will say that this Democrat victory will show that the people have rejected the conservative and anti-big government message of the tea party movement and of the true majority of the American people. Some will say that it has now been demonstrated that the people of NY 26 and by extension, the United States, have chosen the failed policies of the Democrats over the failed policies of the Republicans. All of this is wishful and muddled thinking and completely misses the point. For those who have the courage and the wisdom to face the truth, the only thing that this shows is that the people of this nation are fed up with the lying, corrupt, and dangerously out of touch politics of both major political machines and that a small group of patriots who will not bend to the will of the corrupt ruling class have denied victory to an out of control, self serving, criminal enterprise known as the Republican party. Let this be notice that we the people are prepared to fight this machine again as well as all other machines that seek to take from the people of this nation the right to rule themselves and to choose their own representatives as guaranteed by the United States constitution. Spin it as one will, there is nothing more to this story than what you have just read.

The loss of the 26th district seat to the Democrat party may be laid primarily at the feet of one man, Erie County GOP chairman, Nick Langworthy. Although there are several minor players in this Republican disaster, Langworthy is the prime architect of the defeat and should be held fully accountable for it. It is Langworthy who colluded with putative Buffalo area tea party leader, Rus Thompson, at a tea party event held a little more than a year ago at the Buffalo waterfront, to “take out at the knees” three of the original members of the Tea Party Coalition of Western New York, David DiPietro, Jim Ostrowski, and Allen Coniglio. This fact has been reported to the press numerous times but has been largely ignored while Thompson has continued to be portrayed as the “tea party leader” for this area. It is because Langworthy characterized the tea party movement as a “myth” and because he has worked to dismiss the thousands of people actively involved in the movement or sympathetic to it as not worthy of consideration, that he and the Republcian party have suffered this defeat. Langworthy, who colluded with Thompson to divide and thus neutralize the tea party movement in Buffalo and WNY, did not count on the will of the people to resist, and Thompson did not count on the ability of the people to see through him and his attempt to take over the movement. Both Langworthy and Thompson share in the people’s rejection of their dirty politics and corrupt efforts to thwart the will of the people of Buffalo and WNY.

The Tea Party Coalition has been vilified from the beginning by the GOP and this rogue “tea party” organization but we have maintained our focus and our desire to bring to light the workings of both of them. It is for no other reason than certain arrogant and dictatorial forces sought to deny the right to choose our own candidate that we the people chose Jack Davis to challenge them and to make the loud and clear statement that we will no longer allow them to dictate to us and to control our lives. It is the Tea Party Coalition that has delivered this blow to the Republican party and which has now exposed the lie which has even begun to corrupt our own tea party movement. This is to serve as notice that we the people will continue to challenge any and all political machines and we will work to actively recruit and run candidates to oppose any machine candidate. We sought last year to work with the Republican party but they have arrogantly and shortsightedly mocked and ignored us and what happened on May 24, 2011 should serve to demonstrate clearly that they do such things at their own peril.

No tyrant will ever cede or share power willingly and if the people seek to control their own lives, it will always be up to them to demand freedom from those who would be their master. It is very clear that Nick Langworthy and all others who have facilitated this disgraceful failure to maintain a seat which has been in Republican hands for as long as anyone can remember and in a district with a GOP voter registration advantage approaching 30,000 should come to understand that they are responsible for what happened and that the blame rests squarely with them. Nick Langworthy should do the honorable thing and resign his seat as Erie County Chairman effective immediately. It is also clear that any future GOP chairperson should not ignore the will of the people and our right to have a voice in naming candidates for office. Unless this is done, the Republicans will have a hard time winning any future elections in the WNY area and their defeat at the hands of the Tea Party Coalition will embolden tea party and reform groups across this nation to challenge all those who seek to deny us our rightful and God given voice. Rather than attempting to co-opt and/or destroy the tea party movement, the Republican party should demonstrate the wisdom to understand that we the people will continue to resist and we will not be defeated. We are in this to win back our freedoms from those who have stolen them from us and we will be heard or you will continue to suffer defeat at our hands.


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